Encore Careers Get a Hearing on Capitol Hill

Update: The voluntary approach to longer working lives is starting to gain traction among policymakers. For the latest developments see:

"Smart Retirement Decisions" to Reduce the Debt
Encore Careers Go to Washington
Carrots, Not Sticks, For Longer Working Lives

Encore careers got their first big hearing on Capitol Hill on July 15 when (then known as Civic Ventures) CEO Marc Freedman testified before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

Grants to Colleges Prep Boomers for Health, Ed Jobs

Civic Ventures and MetLife have teamed up to award seven new grants to community colleges helping experienced adults get on the fast track to careers in health and education, including becoming teachers, adjunct college instructors, caregivers and clinical nursing instructors. Read the press release.

The grants come on the heels of a new report by Northeastern University labor economist Barry Bluestone which found that, after the recession ends, there will likely be more health and education jobs than people to fill them. And while jobs are tight now, health and education fields continue to have openings. Learn about the research.

Civic Ventures/MetLife Foundation partnership will provide $25,000 grants to community colleges training boomers for jobs that benefit the greater good; RFP now available

SAN FRANCISCO — Civic Ventures, a think tank and program incubator helping society achieve the greatest return on experience, today announced a new partnership with MetLife Foundation to explore how community colleges can help those in the second half of life pursue new careers for the greater good. With funding from MetLife Foundation, Civic Ventures will provide up to 10 grants of $25,000 each to community colleges developing innovative ways to prepare boomers for careers in education, health care, social services, and other similar fields.

Civic Ventures, MetLife Foundation Invest in 10 Leading Institutions Training Boomers for Jobs Benefiting the Greater Good

SAN FRANCISCO — Civic Ventures (, a think tank and program incubator helping society achieve the greatest return on experience, today announced the 10 community colleges that will lead a major national effort to help prepare baby boomers for careers in education, health care and social services.

MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures Study Provides Key Lessons on How to Attract Experienced Students, Connect with Local Employers, and Fill Critical Jobs

SAN FRANCISCO — Civic Ventures ( — a think tank on boomers and work — today released Pathways to Encore Careers: How 10 Community Colleges are Preparing Boomers for Work in Education, Health Care and Social Services.

What if Tens of Millions Devoted 10-Year Encore Careers to Solving Society´s Most Pressing Social Problems? New Brand Draws Attention to the Pause at the End of Midlife Careers and the Good Work that Can Follow

SAN FRANCISCO — Hundreds of people in encore careers, plus leaders in business, education, government, philanthropy, academia and public policy, will gather this weekend to launch a new social movement. The goal: engage millions of boomers in encore careers that combine social impact, personal meaning and continued income in order to produce a windfall of human talent to help solve society’s greatest problems.

MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures Award Grants to Eight Colleges Preparing Boomers for Work for the Greater Good

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –Civic Ventures and MetLife Foundation have awarded eight $25,000 grants to community colleges, supporting programs aimed at retraining experienced adults for jobs as solar panel installers, bilingual community health workers, and math and science teachers, among others. Winners were chosen from more than 100 applicants for their innovative approaches to matching boomer talent with social purpose jobs that fill specific, local workforce needs—including green jobs.

Civic Ventures/MetLife Foundation Open New Round of Grants for Innovative Job Retraining Programs in Health, Education, Social Services, and Environment

SAN FRANCISCO —Civic Ventures, a think tank on boomers, work, and social purpose, in conjunction with MetLife Foundation, today announced that it is accepting applications for eight $25,000 Community College Encore Career grants, to support institutions developing innovative programs to prepare older adults for encore careers, positions that combine income and personal meaning with social impact. Applications may be submitted online at by April 24, 2009.

Wylie Schwieder , Henrico High School
Math Teacher
Henrico High School

“I want to help kids learn to love math as much as I do,” he says.

Virginia’s Community Colleges' career switcher program, called EducateVA, helped Schwieder transition into the classroom. “It’s easy and it makes sense,” he says. “It’s like dominoes falling into place.

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