Allied Coordinated Transportation Services Inc.

Joe Petrucci, a former independent trucker in western Pennsylvania, used to transport steel. Today, at 77, he earns union wages 25 hours each week, driving chemotherapy patients to doctor’s appointments, older adults to grocery stores, and children with low-income working moms to day care centers.

Project: Allied Coordinated Transportation Services, Inc.

Location: Lawrence County, Penn.

Innovation: Older drivers with empathy provide transportation as well as socialization for riders who can no longer drive in a program funded by the Pennsylvania Lottery.

This interactive online tutorial for nonprofit employers has interactive tools to help them attract and retain paid and unpaid workers age 50 and older. Topics include assessing workforce capabilities, marketing to older adults and job "sculpting." It's available free here.

ENCORE EMPLOYERS: Will tough times pinch encore opportunities?

All the gloom and doom talk about workforce cuts may not adversely affect those who seeking encore careers, according to attendees at a recent Employer Breakfast Roundtable on Mature Workforce Issues held in Washington, D.C.

ENCORE RESOURCES: Tips for boomers in the changing job world

Older workers who haven’t looked for jobs in years are in for a big wake-up call, writes Bob Moos in his latest Dallas Morning News column. They need to tune up their skills and tone down their attitude in order to get hired in the current weak economy,

ENCORE AGENDA: Innovative state policies encourage encore careers

Older Workers Leading Success

Cuyahoga County in Ohio is the second oldest county in the United States outside the Sunbelt. As the greater Cleveland area ages, where will all the people over 50 find work?

That’s one of many questions about an aging population that forward-thinking leaders of the Cleveland Foundation asked themselves in 2002 when they launched a $4 million, three-year Successful Aging Initiative.

BREAKTHROUGH EMPLOYERS: Online course helps nonprofits capture experience

Temple University for Intergenerational Learning is offering a free online course to help nonprofits tap the talents and energy of people 50 and older.

The three-hour, interactive course, called “Capturing Experience,” gives specific strategies for shaping paid and unpaid opportunities for older adults seeking jobs with a social purpose. It explains how to create incentives, market positions and incorporate learning activities into service positions.

BREAKTHROUGH EMPLOYERS: Free job postings for nonprofits on Idealist

Idealist.org is stepping up its efforts to list every nonprofit job in the country by waiving its usual $60 listing fee for nonprofit employers for the month of June.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring you every nonprofit job that’s open across the country (as well as internships and volunteer opportunities, which are always free),” explained Ami Dar, executive director of Idealist.org, inviting them to spread the word.

ENCORE ADVANTAGE: The business case for hiring boomers

The conventional wisdom about older workers is that they a) cost more; b) are absent more often; and c) have one foot out the door.

The truth is: not much, not at all and no way.

In ”Keep Pace with Older Workers” in the May 2008 issue of HR Magazine, Robert J. Grossman refutes some myths about older workers.

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