Very nice article about Jere King, former Encore Fellow at Abilities United in Palo Alto, CA.

Jere King served an Encore Fellowship with Abilities United, a Palo Alto non-profit focused on community inclusion that has been serving children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Before her fellowship, Jere was a vice president of marketing at Cisco, retiring in November 2011.

This article in Career 2.0 describes Jere's transition and her current work, post-fellowship, at Stanford.

Great article in the NYT Online, features Encore Fellows

This article came out on June 6, 2014 (online edition) and spent most of the weekend on the NYT most-emailed list. The article features EFN National Director Leslye Louie and two Encore Fellows: Louisa Hellegers, now the program director of the New York Encore Fellows program, and Kathy Quiett, an Intel Encore Fellow who moved to Florida and is helping with sea turtle rescue at the local zoo.

Be sure and read this article in Kiplinger's Retirement Report, (May 2013) which features Encore Fellow Jeff Landre's work with Mission Focused Solutions, a nonprofit in Grass Valley, Cal., that helps child welfare organizations improve their ability to place foster children in permanent homes.

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The Ravenswood Family Health Center provides health care for the underserved, uninsured, and most vulnerable low-income residents of communities in southeastern San Mateo County. An experienced Encore Fellow provided expert knowledge that lead to significant cost savings from improved supply chain management and order processing.

The flagship Encore Fellows program in Silicon Valley is expanding in 2013, its fifth year in operation.

In order to meet the growing demand from both Fellow candidates and nonprofit Work Hosts, the program is open for applications on an ongoing basis.

In the first four years of operation, the Silicon Valley Encore Fellows have delivered nearly 50,000 hours of high impact work to local nonprofits.

Dozens of Encore Fellows have already been matched with community health centers and affiliated organizations, primarily in a pilot program in California sponsored by the California HealthCare Foundation. We are now working with groups around the U.S. to make more fellowships available to help the leaders of these organizations in their mission to transform the delivery of healthcare to the under-served in their communities.

Watch John Owens talk about his
experience as an Encore Fellow
sponsored by Intel and what he
hopes to accomplish with his Arizona
nonprofit host, The Centers for
Habilitation. (Click photo to play.)

Video length – 5:20

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