Encore Fellowships

Harold Duncan , Aspiranet
Interoperability Encore Fellow

When I heard about the Encore Fellowships Program, my first thought was that I had recently retired and was just easing into it. No pressure, no long hours, and no deadlines – I was set to relax, sit back, and enjoy life.

Then I received a phone call that set things in motion. While talking to a friend he said, “I have been working with this group, and I think you could contribute a lot to help them.” That was only the beginning.

Bill Pace , Aspiranet
Strategic Planning Encore Fellow

Bill Pace had 25 years of experience as a senior executive providing strategic management consulting services, including roles as CEO and President at Kurt Salmon Associates. A participant in the inaugural Silicon Valley Encore Fellowships program, he developed a business plan to expand Civic Ventures’ Encore.org website and also worked as part of an Aspiranet team to connect encore talent with nonprofit leadership positions.

Bill Blodgett And Mee Leng Wang , Aspiranet
Encore Fellows

Bill Blodgett and Mee Leng Wang have a combined 54 years of experience in various marketing and customer support roles at Hewlett-Packard. During their Aspiranet Encore Fellowship, this married couple partnered to bring their change management expertise to the Experience Corps Bay Area program.

Post-fellowship Bill and Mee Leng have continued to consult on business development and change management initiatives at various Bay Area nonprofits.

  , Aspiranet
Business Development Encore Fellow

Innovation, Collaboration and Learning

When I began my term as an Aspiranet Encore Fellow in September 2011, I knew nothing about working in a Child & Family Services agency. My previous work experience had been focused on creating and marketing technology tools that help Wall Street professionals do their jobs. The goal was to provide them with the right information at the right time to make the right decision.

Renee Rhiner , Friends of the Children - Portland, OR
Encore Fellow
Friends of the Children - Portland, OR

A determined woman with a gentle laugh that makes her green eyes shine, Renee Rhiner is about to set off on a journey of discovery.

For 24 years, most of her adult life, Renee oversaw costly and complex construction projects for Intel Corporation. On July 2, 2012, she retired. With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, she took an audacious step by leaving Intel’s exacting, but comforting, embrace and is preparing to work as an Encore Fellow with Friends of the Children, a Portland, Oregon non-profit that provides long-term mentoring to at-risk children.

Jim Molay , Albertina Kerr Center
Encore Fellow
Albertina Kerr Center

“It was kismet,” exclaimed Jim Molay.

He just knew the connection was right.

A 32-year year veteran of Intel Corporation’s exacting, high-intensity culture, Jim was ready to retire and searching for personal renewal. Then he got an opportunity to work for the Albertina Kerr Center, a Portland, Ore.-based nonprofit that focuses on helping people with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities.

“With Albertina Kerr, it just jelled,” Jim said excitedly. “It’s meant to be.”

Jack Kelly , New York City Housing Authority
Encore Fellow
New York City Housing Authority

When Jack Kelly considered applying for an Encore Fellowship, he was well positioned to play an impactful role at a nonprofit, given 30 years of experience at Goldman Sachs, where he was co-head of the industrials research team, and service as a Board member at two academic institutions.

But as Antoinette (Toni) La Belle, Program Director for the New York Encore Fellows program, guided him through the application process, there was one hurdle he hadn’t anticipated.

Ken Larson , Sierra Business Council
Encore Fellow
Sierra Business Council

When I was approached in 2011 about the opportunity to work in a nonprofit in the environmental space in rural Northern California and get paid for it, I was ecstatic! It would allow me to do work that was good for the community and good for my bottom line.

Sonia Hodshire , Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico
Encore Fellow
Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico

For most of my career I worked as a Manufacturing Supervisor, managing Intel Factory employees. I started my career in Fab7and worked there from 1983 to 2002 and then, in F11X from 2005 to April 2012, when I retired after 26 years.

Before I retired, I learned about the Encore Fellowship program when I read an article published in the Intel Circuit. After applying, I had several interviews with agencies in need of my services and was able to match my interest to the agencies. I made my selection. At every step of the way, I felt welcomed and was dealt with great respect.

Liane Anderson , Camp Kesem, Winnetka, Illinois
Encore Fellow in Marketing and Communications
Camp Kesem, Winnetka, Illinois

To be or not to be…retired
The decision to retire from Intel after 24 years was incredibly hard. Intel was my home, my family. I’d spent the last quarter century with brilliant and amazing people, traveling the world and becoming the best me I could become. Intel provided me with challenges, benefits, and career satisfaction beyond compare.

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