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What Needs to Happen So More People Can Do Good for Others While Earning a Living?

By Richard Eisenberg

Is it really possible for somebody in their 50s or 60s to embark on an “encore career,” one that lets you earn income and make a social impact? Or do you need to be wealthy to be able to do it, since the new work would typically be at a nonprofit?

Those questions kept bubbling up at Encore 2013, the awe-inspiring conference I just attended in San Francisco, hosted by, the nonprofit organization dedicated to second acts for the greater good.

Fellowships Devoted to Community Service

By Richard Eisenberg

Many of us in our 50s and 60s have The Itch.

Community College Program Focuses on Helping Students Over 50 Find Jobs and Thrive

By Lisa Holton

Career consultants often urge 50-somethings to head back to college so they can learn skills that will make them stronger job candidates, especially in the current economy, with the unemployment rate for Americans 55-and-up a steep 6.2 percent.

7 Reasons Volunteering Can Lead to a Job

By Julie Shifman

Some people start volunteering because they’re passionate about a cause. Michael Burke, a Baltimore chef, began volunteering because he got rheumatoid arthritis. That decision paved the way to his current paid job.

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