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Encore Careers For Nonprofit Leaders

How long-term non-profit CEOs and other non-profit leaders handle their own retirement is an act of leadership in itself – but one that’s often neglected by the sector’s approach to leadership development and training.

Is Teach For America your Encore?

Is Teach For America your Encore? We're enthusiastic about sharing with you the opportunity to explore! Read CEO Marc Freedman's letter and join us for an illuminating webinar on Monday, October 7th.

Encores for Nonprofit Leaders?

What’s next for long-term nonprofit founders and leaders who have devoted their working lives to solving social problems? That’s the focus of a survey featured this week in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Explore 80 Health-Related Encore Careers With New Website

Did you know that over half – 57 percent – of the more than 10 million nonprofit jobs in the U.S. are in health care?

And that health care will generate millions of new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018, more than any other industry?

Suit Up and Play Again

Bill Clinton announced his candidacy for president 20 years ago this month. At an anniversary reunion in Little Rock last weekend, Clinton challenged the crowd, full of people who had worked in his campaign and administration, with a call to action.

While he said we had certainly earned gold watches for what we'd already done, Clinton urged us to look forward.

"America has never been a retirement party," he said. It's time to "suit up and play again," to give future generations the world they deserve.

Sabbaticals for Nonprofit Leaders More Important in Tough Times

The following commentary, written by Civic Ventures Vice President Phyllis N. Segal and Civic Ventures Board Chair Ruth Wooden, was published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy in its July 28 issue.

Course Examines Changing Work Patterns for Older Adults

Last week Barry Bluestone hosted an Open Classroom session at Northeastern University on "The Changing American Workforce" as part of a course he calls "Demography Is Destiny." This two-hour session focused on work patterns of older adults and encore careers. See the listing under February 9 for the readings on this Northeastern University link.

Economics Professor Joseph Quinn and I were the two guest speakers. There were about 100 in the audience, which was a mix of students, boomers and older adults.

The Benefits of a Multigenerational Workforce

Unlike any other time in history, people from four generations are on the job together., with support from MetLife Foundation, commissioned three essays exploring today’s multigenerational workforce.

How Will Health Care Reform Affect Your Encore Career?

Health insurance – how to get, keep and pay for coverage – is a huge concern for most people considering, seeking or already in encore careers. And for employers, worries about higher health care costs stand as the single biggest reservation about hiring older workers.

The new health care overhaul signed into law earlier this month is expected to change this equation in many ways, though much depends on implementation. It’s not yet clear how dozens of issues will shake out, including state exchanges, COBRA, the rules on pre-existing conditions, high-risk pools, retiree coverage, subsidies and taxes.

What is clear is that the new law has significant potential to expand the number of encore career opportunities.

BreakThrough: Report from the National Press Club

Some highlights from the May 31 announcement of the MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures BreakThrough Awards at the National Press Club:

  • Darlene Stone, Vice President of Leesburg Regional Medical Center, described the assortment of flexible options and benefits they've created to attract 50+ workers and the workforce needs driving their strategy.

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