Meet the 2009 Purpose Prize Winners
The five $100,000 Purpose Prize winners are:
Elizabeth and Stephen Alderman,
both age 68, of Bedford, N.Y.,
a doctor and special education teacher who treat victims of terrorism around the world, to honor their son, who was killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001
Judith Broder,
69, of Studio City, Calif.,
a psychiatrist who recruits mental health professionals to provide free, confidential counseling to veterans, active-duty military personnel and their families
Don Coyhis,
66, of Colorado Springs, Colo.,
a computer executive who built a nationwide substance abuse recovery program based on Native American beliefs and traditions
Henry Liu, (1936-2009)
of Columbia, Mo.,
an engineer who created "green" bricks out of fly ash, the residue of coal-fired power plants
Tim Will,
61, of Rutherfordton, N.C.,
a telecommunications executive who brought broadband to Rutherford County and created an online ordering system that enables local farmers to sell their produce directly to Charlotte restaurants
The five $50,000 Purpose Prize winners are:
Marcy Adelman,
63, of San Francisco, Calif.,
who provides affordable housing and training for service providers to support seniors in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community
Duncan Campbell,
65, of Portland, Ore.,
who was brought up by alcoholic parents and now provides disadvantaged children with a caring, paid adult mentor from age 5 until adulthood
Ann Higdon,
69, of Dayton, Ohio,
who grew up homeless, was inspired by a teacher and helps dropouts earn diplomas while training for jobs in various sectors
Connie Siskowski,
63, of Boca Raton, Fla.,
who experienced the stress of caring for her grandfather as a pre-teen, and facilitates support groups and other resources for young caregivers
James Smallwood,
62, of Camden, N.J.,
who beat his cocaine dependency and created a nonprofit that trains ex-convicts, addicts and the homeless to work in construction while learning reading, math and job-hunting skills

The Purpose Prize is an initiative of Civic Ventures, a national think tank on boomers, work and social purpose. It is funded by The Atlantic Philanthrophies and the John Templeton Foundation.

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