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Help state and federal policymakers create ways to tap the talent of experienced Americans. The Encore Agenda draws on innovations in national service, workforce development, entitlement reform, pension policy and higher education. For more background information, see the full Encore Agenda section.


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Pres Obama's State of the Union

In President Obama's State of the Union address last week, he spoke directly about Baby Boomers leaving the teaching field and asked young people to be educators to make up that difference.

*Record skips*


What now? Will latest data affect encore careers?

On Friday, unemployment statistics increased to the surprise of pretty much everyone and on Sunday, Bernanke indicated the recession's unemployment would linger for another five years or so.

Recently, Civic Ventures through Encore Careers released some thought provoking and exciting information about 2018: that enough people will retire to create a workforce shortage -- the golden era of Encore Careers. Older workers will be needed to fill important positions primarily in health, social and art sectors.

Serve America -- Legislative Update and Action Plan

Serve America cleared its first Senate hurdle with a strong pro-vote for cloture 74-14.

Discussion: A New Era of Service?

How important do you consider the revival and expansion of national service? Might national service opportunities generally, and Encore Fellowships specifically, help people make the transition to their encore careers? How could the service experience be improved and made more relevant to older adults?

Discussion: New Thinking About Entitlements

To help erase the Social Security gap, President Obama should look to tens of millions of baby boomers who want to extend their working lives with encore careers that answer his call for "a new era of responsibility." Let's collect ideas for policymakers who want to realize a win-win-win of fiscal responsibility, retirement security and social renewal.

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