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Is your nonprofit, educational, health care, environmental or governmental organization seeking to engage experienced talent and create an intergenerational workforce?

This group shares experiences and insights about tapping the encore talent pool, from initial interest to recruitment to hiring to work arrangements. Are you ready?


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Read about the impact Sharon Wise is making through national non-profit Teach For America

You can read an article about Sharon here:http://bit.ly/LRWkXB. After reading, you should check out the website and sign up at www.teachforamerica.org/online to learn more!

Apply to host an international nonprofit leader at your organization!

Atlas Corps seeks organizations located in the United States to host nonprofit leaders from overseas in a 12 to 18 month professional fellowship starting in March 2012. All Atlas Corps Fellows have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, 2-10 years of experience, and are fluent in English. Host Organizations provide a cost share that supports 70% of the overall Fellow expenses, while Atlas Corps handles all logistics, including travel, J-1 visa, health care, living stipend, and orientation.

Volunteer Orientation for the Boomers Leading Change in Health Nonprofit

Boomers Leading Change in Health serves as a resource to the community in matters related to health and health care.

Start: 05/25/2011 - 10 a.m.
End: 05/25/2011 - 11 a.m.

October is NonProfit Career Month!

This month is the first-ever NonProfit Career Month, a partnership between Idealist.org and the Kellogg Action Lab.

Check out the web site to see how you can get involved, or follow NonProfit Career Month on Twitter, @NPCareerMonth.

Is this a helpful resource to you as a nonprofit employer, or an encore career-seeker? Let us know!


What would you ask the panel? October 5 Nonprofit HR Conference in DC

What would you ask a panel of nonprofit employers about the encore career workforce? You have that chance at the 2009 Nonprofit Human Resources Conference held October 4-6 in Washington, DC by Nonprofit HR Solutions.

Article on workforce engagement

Check out this article, written by Kelly Faircloth of Inc.com, a website for entrepreneurs.

Report: Workers' Needs Vary By Age
Study suggests that keeping wary workers engaged may be as simple as granting flextime or approving a title change.

By: Kelly Faircloth
Published May 14, 2009 at Inc.com

Intergenerational cooperation -- or conflict?

The New York Times reports on the "generational battle for jobs, as older workers increasingly compete against applicants in their 20s for positions at supermarkets, McDonald’s and dozens of other places." Reporter Steven Greenhouse concludes, "And older workers seem to be winning."

Nominations now open for the 2009 Encore Opportunity Awards

Dear Encore Employers (formally called BreakThrough Employers) members,

Is your organization tapping the talent of adults over 50 to help drive your mission? Do you know other organizations - nonprofit or public sector - utilizing innovative strategies to attract and retain experienced adults?

MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures have opened the Encore Opportunity Awards to recognize organizations that are effectively tapping the passion and experience of people over 50 to improve society. Winners receive a $2,500 award.

Nominations are open at http://www.civicventures.org/encoreopportunity until June 1, 2009.

The need for certification?

Dear BreakThrough Employers,

Arizona has announced employers who have received certification as "Mature Worker Friendly." I'm curious what your thoughts are, as employers, regarding certification as "mature worker friendly," "encore friendly," or the like.

Living in the Land of And!

Hi Encore community, my name is Anita Otterness. I am a Shaklee Distributor looking for like minded individuals who want to make a difference and help the environment. Shaklee is an over 50 year old company that has an environmental heritage that is hard to beat. It is a company that quietly goes about it's work sharing the Dr. Shaklee philosophy of following nature and passing the word along. To read more about our history and future go to www.greenlivingtoday.com and read an interview by Sloan Barnett a green advocate plus the wife of our CEO Roger Barnett.

Temporary jobs

I will be supervising order-taking, data entry and customer service for the President's Education Awards Program. Awards are given for academic achievement each year.

I need 4 or 5 people for these temporary jobs - February into June. We are located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

If you are interested contact me for an interview. A great opportunity for retired individuals who want something to do and want to make a little extra money.

Welcome! and an AARP contest to know about...

Dear BreakThrough Employers members,

Welcome! For the inaugural post, I wanted to let you all know about AARP's Best Employers for Workers Over 50 program. The 2008 winners can be found here and you can find out about the 2009 competition and the overall program here.

TAPPING ENCORE TALENT: Employers Try It – and Like It

Experienced boomers want meaningful work. Nonprofit organizations need talented employees. A new survey of hundreds of employers shows that supply and demand may finally be coming together.

The Tapping Encore Talent survey by the MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures found that half of nonprofit employers see encore employees as "highly appealing," citing their experience, commitment and reliability. And those who have recently hired late-career workers are even more positive.

Corporations Help Execs Transition to Nonprofit Sector

Rusine Mitchell Sinclair left a 25-year career at IBM last year "to bring my experiences as an IBM executive to thousands of girls across North Carolina.”

Now, IBM is helping other executives and managers follow Sinclair to the nonprofit sector. The Financial Times calls IBM's program a “Retirement Plan with a Difference.”

ENCORE OPPORTUNITIES: AARP identifies age friendly employers

Finding employers that value older workers can be a challenge. But today AARP introduced a job search engine powered by RetirementJobs.com that lists openings posted by “age friendly certified employers.”

The portal at www.aarp.org/jobs locates part-time, full-time and flex-time positions by keyword and location. Searches can be targeted within a radius of up to 50 miles. To be certified as age friendly, employers must maintain policies, practices and programs consistent with employing people age 50 and older based solely on their proficiency, qualifications and contribution.

BLOCK THAT RETIREE: Action needed to keep good employees

Two new surveys show that private employers are being very subtle about their plans offer incentives to retain older employees – much to the disappointment of retirees who would have liked to know about them.

The lesson to be learned, said Allen Steinberg, a principal and senior design consultant at Hewitt Associates, is that “you’re going to lose good people if they don’t know about the availability of a program” designed to interest them in working longer.

That’s good advice for nonprofit organizations, too, which are scrambling to figure out ways to retain experienced workers before an anticipated wave of boomer retirements.

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Boomers ready to ‘rearrange furniture’ for encore careers

Boomers are rejecting the retirement vision of endless days of leisure and are embracing encore careers, writes Chris Satullo in his column in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.

“As this huge cohort has done every time it entered a new phase of life, the boomers are going to rearrange the furniture,” he says.

Satullo argues that this sea change will occur because, “They’re going to want to. They’re going to have to. And America is going to need them to.”

ENCORE PATHWAY: IBM helps employees navigate global economy

IBM is breaking the mold again. While a number of multinational companies like Procter & Gamble and General Electric are sending employees overseas, IBM is offering staffers a chance to work with colleagues from around the world on projects that emphasize team leadership development.

IBM’s new Corporate Service Corps program helps participants learn how to work in the global marketplace with people from very diverse backgrounds – skills that are particularly important for individuals whose encore careers may take them outside of the United States.

ENCORE PATHWAY: IBM shows employees the way to nonprofit careers

IBM plans to make it easier for its experienced employees to transition to second careers in nonprofits through a partnership with Bridgespan.

The two organizations announced today that they will build a program and online platform that helps IBM employees and retirees assess their readiness for nonprofit positions, identify potential opportunities and skills required, apply for jobs with nonprofits and receive mentoring. Once it’s perfected, the pilot project will be made available to other nonprofits and corporations that wish to start similar endeavors.

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