Encore Writers Fighting Poverty

Join us in using the written word to fight poverty. We write to newspapers, internet sites, and leaders to persuade readers to support measures that will reduce poverty. We support each other with encouragement, writing tips, and information. We don’t as a group endorse particular poverty-related causes or organizations; we all have our own favorites, from the local to the global.

This is a great place to ask for advice about how to get a letter to the editor published, about how to navigate Facebook, about sharing the draft of a letter to a Congressman or book author. We also help each other as researchers, finding factual information about the number of people in poverty in Connecticut or the cost of living in Cameroon. And we help each other through the inevitable periods when it seems that no one is reading or caring what we write.
So, thanks for joining, and please get in touch soon.

Brock Haussamen


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Letters to the New York Times

Occasionally I send a letter to the Times and have had no luck with publication so far (unless I get a call today or tomorrow about the one I madly worked on on Sunday about the Ivory Coast election). I see that many of their letters are from professionals in the field, and I'm glad that their standards for expertise and varied points of view are so high. But it does get frustrating. Anyone out there with similar experiences?

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