Encores For State Health Care

While everyone who can make a positive contribution to this group is invited to join, retired individuals with Medical or Public Health or Public Policy experience should (feel compelled to) join en masse and provide valuable leadership and guidance! We contemplate collaborating together to either devise a plan for the effective provision of health care services in the US, or come up with a set of recommendations to be implemented in such a plan.

Activities, at least initially, will be conducted through internet interaction.

The need for this group stems from the following understandings:
1) The system which our plans would bring into existence is urgently needed;
2) The efforts of our government indicate that it cannot create such a system, and needs advised, impartial input;
3) The large unmanagible size of a plan for the US, plus its need to satisfactorily cater to a vast number of diverse communities' needs, suggest that striving to create a single national plan is an expensive exercise in futility.
4) If we are to have an efficient, effective country-wide system, it cannot be planned and implemented in units larger than state size. This does not preclude the existence of Federal guidelines for State programs;
5) The retired community of professionals has a wealth of relevant experience and knowledge that are largely not being utilized;
6) This retired community is expected to have fewer vested interests in outcomes than most other "players" in this field;
7) If we are successful in our efforts of creating a Plan, it probably stands a better chance of being listened to at this time than at any other time in history.

Some of the first activities to be undertaken by the group should properly include the examination of other countries' health care plans to select features, to be included or excluded in our recommendations, according to their success rates.


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Volunteer Orientation for the Boomers Leading Change in Health Nonprofit

Boomers Leading Change in Health serves as a resource to the community in matters related to health and health care.

Start: 05/25/2011 - 10 a.m.
End: 05/25/2011 - 11 a.m.

Providing health care to uninsured

I am a certified substitute teacher in Illinois who does not receive health benefits through my employer(s). I've done much exploration of subsidized health care services in the Chicago area; the wait can be months or even years. I've developed an interest in coordinating services, such as itinerant dental services, to uninsured residents in high-need areas, not necessarily in Chicago. This could be a traveling clinic staffed by volunteers. Has anyone else thought of doing something like this? I'd be interested in connecting with anyone else who was interested. Michelle

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