Promoting Encore Careers in the Media

The media play an important role in shaping attitudes. How can print, broadcast and online media help people understand the concept of an encore career and promote a movement of many experienced individuals working to improve society? Who are our target audiences? What are the "hooks" that interest reporters in telling encore stories? How can we popularize the value of experience?


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Volunteers Needed

I'm looking for help with developing a media tool that I've long been considering --- a quantitative index for measuring bias.

I've begun a blog that explains that basic concept and methodology, but I need help with:

- Survey participation
- Helping to generate new surveys (it's not hard, but fairly tedious).
- General feedback & guidance.

If you are interested, please visit my blog at:, or email me at:

Thanks in advance!

Encore Career Workshop at the Community College of Denver

Considering retraining? Wondering where and how to begin? A Community College of Denver Encore Career Initiative workshop can help you set your course on a new and fulfilling career path.

Start: 06/20/2011 - 9 a.m.
End: 06/20/2011 - 4:30 p.m.

TV Shows Featuring Encore Careerists

There's no way around it: Older adults are far outnumbered by young people in TV series. And older adults doing worthwhile work on television are few and far between.

So I got to thinking whether there are - or ever have been - any older stars on TV doing paid work that is personally fulfilling and helps make the world a better place.

Can you think of any encore careerists on TV?

Getting the word out with a low budget

Our Grants To You program has the potential to win millions of dollars for local nonprofit organizations.

To make that happen, we will need to expand from our current 22 chapters to 200 and suceed in attracting thousands of citizens to take our on line grant research and writing class so that they can volunteer to assist their favorite, local nonprofit agency with their grant research and writing. Our focus for volunteers is on senior citizens (43%) and students (17%).

Our challenge is to get the word out so that interest in starting chapters and/pr taking classes is greatly expanded.

Where Do Important Social Innovations and Applications Come From?

I find it striking that most of us live out our lives working in organizations, whether corporate, nonprofit, educational or governmental, that are structured around basic ideas that have been around forever. Yet, we are aware of the desperate need for fine-tuning and applying our ideals and values in order to support relevant and helpful changes to create a better, more humane and sustainable, present and future.

New Cable TV Show on Encore Careers

I’m delighted to hear about Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot’s new book and would love to review it for my blog, Retirement As You Want It.

Also, I am launching a new local access TV show, called Alivelihood: New Careers As We Age” on March 5, 2009, on I am looking for people who have compelling stories about leaving or downsizing from their mid-years’ careers and have transitioned into encore careers. They must be willing to travel to the Boston area to be taped.

Are we ready for "Geezer Apprentice"?

Let's face it: The images of older Americans on TV aren't often appealing. They are portrayed as doddering, forgetful, unattractive and incoherent - or, worse, they are altogether missing from the screen. How long has it been since an intelligent, mature woman appeared in a starring role on TV, like Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) of "Murder, She Wrote"?

Stories of Encore superstars vs. average people

During a discussion at the recent Encore Careers Summit, several people pointed out that Purpose Prize winners can be inspiring - or intimidating. Hearing the story of an individual who has, for example, devoted her life to ridding toxic chemicals from consumer products makes some listeners doubt their ability to make a difference, while others set their own sights higher after listening to the achievements of Encore superstars.

Which types of stories do we want the media to tell? Should the stories of superstars be told to different audiences?

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