Technology for non-Techies

Computers and technology are important tools in many encore careers. Whether you're still getting comfortable or are a techno-whiz, this is the place to talk about your issues and questions: from laptops, smart phones to social media like blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Post here and let's discuss.


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What would you like technology to do for you?

Does anyone have a wish list of what you would like to know about technology or how you would like it to help your organization? Post a comment below and we will try to get you some answers!

Anyone making good use of Microsoft Office Live?

I'm just getting started with it. Looks VERY comprehensive and exciting. Am having trouble getting my blog going --- think its a software bug. Have Microsoft Live support working on it. Otherwise, it sure looks interesting. Would love to hear about your experience with it!

p.s. I'm brand new to the DFW area AND to Encore!


Technology help when funds are down

You don't need Dr. O at to tell you that funding for nonprofits is down. What's interesting is what he recommends nonprofits should do. Four of his suggestions include technology:
* Bring in a new generation of donors with new technology.
* Examine your costs. Can you save significant money by virtualizing your staff and operations or by sharing space and back office operations with other NPOs
* Engage with the new "crowdsourcing" and online giving organizations like Care2

Demonstrating some fun techology

I thought this group might be interested in a collaborative site that I set up just for the fun of it. There are short Videos on Technology. Go here to see it

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