Here are all stories about individuals in encore careers.

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Name Issues State
Terry Connelly California - CA
Scott Allen California - CA
Michelle Ross California - CA
John Guislin California - CA
Harriet Ann Goldman California - CA
Harold Duncan California - CA
Bill Pace California - CA
Bill Blodgett and Mee Leng Wang California - CA
Anne Gable California - CA
Taking a Risk - Encore Fellow Renee Rhiner's Story Oregon - OR
Page Not Found Oregon - OR
Jack Kelly New York - NY
Ken Larson California - CA
Sonia Hodshire New Mexico - NM
Liane Anderson Illinois - IL
Deepa Willingham California - CA
Brenda Moore Michigan - MI
John Fugazzie New Jersey - NJ
Vicki Hill Texas - TX
Karen Blessen (Grand Prize Winner) Texas - TX
Kathleen Fletcher Pennsylvania - PA
Jan Coulter California - CA
Jean Cosby Florida - FL
Diane Claughton Alabama - AL
Ellen Kamp (Grand Prize Winner) New York - NY
Barbara Raab Finance & Financial Planning, Media & Journalism New York - NY
Gary Oppenheimer New Jersey - NJ
Charlene Turner Johnson Michigan - MI
Kathleen Braico New York - NY
Stan Weston Missouri - MO
Deborah Greymoon (Grand Prize Winner) Colorado - CO
Gerald L. Hill Advocacy, Social Action, Policy, Children & Youth, Education & Training New Mexico - NM
Edward Mazria Architecture and Design, Energy, Environment & Sustainability New Mexico - NM
Wanjiru Kamau Children & Youth, Community Improvement & Organizing, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity, Immigration District of Columbia - DC
Nancy Sanford Hughes Economic Development, Opportunity, Energy, Environment & Sustainability, Rural Issues Oregon - OR
Randal Charlton Economic Development, Opportunity, Entrepreneur, Urban Affairs Michigan - MI
Jenny Bowen Children & Youth, Education & Training California - CA
Kathleen Taylor Education & Training, Health Care, Women Rights & Service California - CA
Shana Swiss Community Improvement & Organizing, Human Rights, Peace, War, and Conflict Resolution, Public Protection, Criminal Justice, Victim Issues, Women Rights & Service New Mexico - NM
Michael L. Smolens Education & Training, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity, International & Foreign Affairs, Technology New York - NY
Ruth E. Skovron Community Improvement & Organizing, Economic Development, Opportunity, Housing & Shelter Connecticut - CT
Gary W. Selnow Health Care, Medical Research, Technology California - CA
John Sage Children & Youth, Public Protection, Criminal Justice, Victim Issues Texas - TX
Henry Reese Arts, Culture, Humanities, Community Improvement & Organizing, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity, Volunteering Pennsylvania - PA
Caitlin Ryan Children & Youth, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Rights &..., Human Resources and Workplace Issues California - CA
Ed Moscovitch and Barbara Gardner Children & Youth, Education & Training, Poverty, At-Risk Populations Massachusetts - MA
Donald Lombardi Children & Youth, Health Care, Medical Research, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Massachusetts - MA
Mimi Levin Lieber Children & Youth, Education & Training, Volunteering New York - NY
Jan Lepore-Jentleson Children & Youth, Community Improvement & Organizing, Education & Training, Human Resources and Workplace Issues, Poverty, At-Risk Populations Ohio - OH
Eva Leivas-Andino Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Rights &... Florida - FL