The Encore Fellowships Network Case Study

In just 18 months, The Encore Fellowships Network grew from a single pilot program, involving 10 fellows and nine nonprofits in the Silicon Valley, to a network of 100 fellows and 120 organizations operating in 12 metro areas nationwide in 2012. Two years later the network has further expanded, with 250 Encore Fellows active in 35 metro areas and 300 participating organizations in 2014.

How did this expansion unfold? What contributed to the program’s success? And what challenges does the network face? A case study of the original expansion of the Encore Fellowships Network – written by Beth Benjamin, an independent research consultant, and supported by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation – describes key decisions, the ins and outs of production networks, and lessons learned.

The Encore Fellowships Network was also featured as a "What Works" case study in the Winter 2013 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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