How to Work a Conference, and Avoid Post-Conference Overload

Betsy Balassone, left, of The Encore Fellowships Network, and Janet Lucie, of Aspiranet, chat at Encore 2011.

Every time I go to a conference, I have high hopes. I imagine I’ll have time to talk to everyone I want to talk to. I’ll remember which faces belong to that insane stack of business cards that overtakes every bag and pocket. I’ll do something with the chicken scratch that covers all the pages of the program and my latest Moleskin notebook.

Then I get home and all of those high hopes disappear. Unless I do some planning before even leaving for a conference.

These two blog posts, which I wrote a few years ago for Yahoo, are my reminders to do conferences right: "How to Work a Conference, Even Before it Starts" and "How to Deal with Post Conference Overload."

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