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Tom Tresser , The CivicLab
The CivicLab
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

Chicago has had one of the most corrupt governments in the country, with 30 city council members having been sent to prison in as many years. But it also has a rich history of incubating community organizers who fight back, from Jane Addams in the 19th century to Kim Wasserman today.

When I co-opened The CivicLab in July 2013, I sought to nurture the next generation of social innovators developing solutions and pushing for accountability.

Russell DeLucia , The Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund, Inc. (S3IDF)
Founder and Executive Director
The Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund, Inc. (S3IDF)
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

In 40 years working in infrastructure development, I helped bring 60 projects to the developing world: electricity, water, light, clean water, sanitation, transportation, telecommunications. These utilities transform lives — but only some lives. The truth is, most of the poor can’t afford to connect to them. And without access, the poor stay poor.

Liza Bercovici , Gabriella Charter School
Executive Director
Gabriella Charter School
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

When my daughter, Gabriella, died in 1999 in a bike accident, my life stopped. My husband and I and our two sons were devastated. Too grief-stricken to continue my law career, I closed my practice and, with the help of family and friends, established The Gabriella Foundation in her honor. In the process, I slowly rebuilt my life.

William Abrashkin , Springfield Housing Authority
Executive Director
Springfield Housing Authority
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

I was a judge in a rough-and-tumble housing court in western Massachusetts for 22 years. Every week, hundreds of low-income, uneducated, unskilled young parents stood before my bench. I grew weary of seeing the damage caused by poverty and disadvantage over and over again.

One day in 2006, I had to evict a young woman and her kids. It hit me hard. “This person wasn’t even born when I started this job,” I thought. “There must be something I can do to keep people from getting into these situations in the first place.”

Marisa B. Ugarte , Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
Founder and Executive Director
Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

In 2000, I was managing a program for homeless runaways in San Diego when I got a call from the sheriff’s department about a 15-year-old girl. She was being prostituted to migrant agricultural workers north of San Diego while her enslavers held her baby boy captive in Mexico. She was forced to have sex with 15 to 20 men a day for $20 each — $30 without a condom. Working with police on both sides of the border, we eventually rescued both the young mother and her son.

Irving C. Wishnow , Eye Care for Kids Foundation
Eye Care for Kids Foundation
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

In 1998, I read a letter in The Houston Chronicle that said thousands of schoolchildren never get eye exams or glasses because their families can’t afford them. I’m an optometrist and I’ve long provided free eye care to many low-income kids. But clearly more help was needed.

Lily Yeh , Barefoot Artists
Founding Director
Barefoot Artists
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

In 2004, I was unhappy as director of the Village of Arts and Humanities, the organization I co-founded in 1986 to transform North Philadelphia communities through art. I spent most of my time raising funds and managing staff. I yearned to be on the frontlines of action again, like I had been in 1994.

Jaime A. Yrastorza , Uplift Internationale
Uplift Internationale
Purpose Prize Fellow 2014

I’m originally from the Philippines but have lived in the U.S. since 1949, and I’ve practiced maxillofacial surgery for 35 years in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

In 1988, I was part of a team that went to Ecuador to correct the facial asymmetry of children born with a complex deformity. The immense gratitude I received from the children felt like a precious and satisfying gift to be treasured for a lifetime.

Very nice article about Jere King, former Encore Fellow at Abilities United in Palo Alto, CA.

Jere King served an Encore Fellowship with Abilities United, a Palo Alto non-profit focused on community inclusion that has been serving children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Before her fellowship, Jere was a vice president of marketing at Cisco, retiring in November 2011.

This article in Career 2.0 describes Jere's transition and her current work, post-fellowship, at Stanford.

Great article in the NYT Online, features Encore Fellows

This article came out on June 6, 2014 (online edition) and spent most of the weekend on the NYT most-emailed list. The article features EFN National Director Leslye Louie and two Encore Fellows: Louisa Hellegers, now the program director of the New York Encore Fellows program, and Kathy Quiett, an Intel Encore Fellow who moved to Florida and is helping with sea turtle rescue at the local zoo.

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