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The Transition Network's New York City chapter invites you to the following event:

Start: 10/18/2010 - 5:45pm
End: 10/18/2010 - 7:30pm

Obama Announces Community College Job Training Program

In response to frustrations from the employer community and as part of Obama's larger initiative to increase college graduation rates, President Obama annouced a national program to partner community colleges with employers. To find out more, click here.

Learning Lab

Tuesday, September 14, Wednesday, September 15 and Tuesday, October 5, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Start: 09/14/2010
End: 09/14/2010

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Jerry Conover , Hope for Generations
Hope for Generations
Purpose Prize Fellow 2006

To Jerry Conover, a retired trial lawyer and mediator, the Social Security checks he began receiving in his sixties were nice but not necessary. Financially secure, he, like many of his friends, had no real need for the government entitlement. The challenges facing America's poorest children - particularly in health care and education - pushed Conover to act.

Dewey Houck , Rural Appalachian Improvement League
Rural Appalachian Improvement League
Purpose Prize Fellow 2006

Dewey Houck, 71, grew up in Mullens, West Virginia, in a small Appalachian village set between two coal camps. He left after high school but returned after an early retirement, intent on working as a full-time volunteer to help his hometown reverse high rates of poverty and unemployment caused by the decline in the coal industry. In 2001, shortly after Mullens was hit by the worst flood in its history, Houck founded The Rural Appalachian Improvement League, Inc. (RAIL).

Rebecca  Anderson , Handmade in America
Handmade in America
Purpose Prize Fellow 2007

The Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina - in Appalachia - have long been home to the poorest communities in the state. So in 1994 Rebecca Anderson, now 67, used her two decades of experience in community and economic development to drum up a regional revitalization strategy based on one of the region's greatest strengths - its community of 4000 artisans. Her organization, HandMade in America, markets regional crafts to boost the area's manufacturing economy.

Susan Stautberg , PartnerCom
Purpose Prize Fellow 2006

At the top 200 companies in the S&P 500, women make up only 16 percent of the members of boards of directors, while African Americans account for only ten percent. Susan Stautberg, a former broadcast journalist, founded PartnerCom, which creates and manages Advisory Boards globally to help diversify power within corporations. Over the past eight years, PartnerCom has placed more than 250 women and minorities on corporate and advisory boards.

Thomas Walz , Extend the Dream Foundation
Extend the Dream Foundation
Purpose Prize Fellow 2006

After retiring from a career in teaching and social work in 2000, Thomas Walz founded the Extend the Dream Foundation (EDF) in Iowa City, Iowa. He had been inspired by Bill Sackter, a mentally challenged man who transformed his mental disability and 43 years of hospitalization into a life based on joy and service to others.

Timothy Will , Foothills Connect
Executive Director
Foothills Connect
Purpose Prize Winner 2009

Tim Will saw that his adopted community - chosen for its stunning beauty - was decaying. Manufacturing jobs, the Appalachian county's economic base, had moved elsewhere, and the area lacked the infrastructure to support new business in a technology-driven world. So Will used his telecommunications background to connect the North Carolina county's agrarian past to a digitally supported future.

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