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Great article in the NYT Online, features Encore Fellows

This article came out on June 6, 2014 (online edition) and spent most of the weekend on the NYT most-emailed list. The article features EFN National Director Leslye Louie and two Encore Fellows: Louisa Hellegers, now the program director of the New York Encore Fellows program, and Kathy Quiett, an Intel Encore Fellow who moved to Florida and is helping with sea turtle rescue at the local zoo.

June  Barrett , The Crumley House Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center
The Crumley House Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

Each year, an estimated 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and 80% are released from the hospital. What happens once they leave?

As Tennessee real estate developer June Barrett discovered in 1981 when her then 14-year-old daughter Lori suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident that left her unable to walk, speak or eat, there were few rehabilitation or recovery treatments available. She met many families in the same situation.

Dolphus Weary , Rural Education and Leadership (R.E.A.L) Christian Foundation
Rural Education and Leadership (R.E.A.L) Christian Foundation
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

Dolphus Weary grew up in rural Simpson County, Mississippi. When he won an out-of- state basketball scholarship to college, he swore he’d never come back. But a strong
sense of calling prompted him to return to Mendenhall, Mississippi, Simpson’s county seat.

It became clear to Weary that ministries across rural Mississippi needed help to support
their social improvement ambitions, therefore in 1997 he founded the Rural Education and Leadership Christian Foundation (R.E.A.L.) to nurture, train, mentor and provide
partial funding to ministries’ programs mostly focused on young people.

Narendra P. Sharma , Neighborhood Outreach Connection
Founding Chair
Neighborhood Outreach Connection
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

When he retired in 2005 after three decades in finance and economic development at the World Bank, Narendra Sharma moved to the famous resort island of Hilton Head in South Carolina. Retirement gave way to a higher purpose when he discovered pockets of entrenched poverty where few adults have jobs, half of children fail to meet school standards and crime is rampant in Hilton Head and Bluffton.

Peter Rosten , MAPS Media Institute
Founder and President
MAPS Media Institute
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

After more than 35 years as a film and television writer, producer and director, Peter Rosten had had enough of Hollywood, and in 2002 he decamped for rural Darby, Montana. He soon noted a social need in his new community: a paucity of arts education. He saw budget shortages, economic disadvantage and an education environment that left the arts behind.

Bill  Ristow  and Theresa  Morrow
International Journalism Trainers

Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

After decades working as journalists in Seattle, husband and wife Bill Ristow and Theresa Morrow were looking for a new purpose. Their five children were grown, and their parents had passed away.

“For the first time in our lives, we didn’t have responsibilities to determine our future,” Ristow says. “We began to look for opportunities that would allow us to pass on the knowledge we had accumulated, most of it in journalism.”

T.V. Ramakrishna  and Vijaya Ramakrishna , Sahasra Deepika International for Education
Sahasra Deepika International for Education
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

T.V. and Vijaya Ramakrishna had successful careers in the U.S. for decades, he as an engineer and she as a businesswoman. But as they approached retirement, neither forgot the challenges they faced growing up in India. T.V. lived in deep poverty. Education had been his ticket out. Vijaya hadn’t been poor, but her father’s bias against educating girls kept her out of college. They knew that poverty and discrimination are still the norm for millions of children in India.

Irene Pritzker , IDP Foundation, Inc.
IDP Foundation, Inc.
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

Visiting Africa, IDP Foundation president Irene Pritzker witnessed firsthand the deplorable conditions of Ghana’s poor, low-cost private schools - no books, no ventilation, open sewage. When she learned they rarely qualified for government funding or international aid, she knew she had found a higher purpose and an encore career.

“I knew from the beginning that my passion was education, specifically targeting the very poor and marginalized,” says Pritzker, who was trained as a schoolteacher but spent decades managing her family investments.

Ann Ogden , Cook for Your LIFE
Founder and President
Cook for Your LIFE
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

Former haute fashion designer Ann Ogden defeated cancer twice. The second round—breast cancer in 2005—required chemotherapy that left her weak, nauseated and without an appetite. It helped that she was a good cook from a foodie family, and knew how to prepare healthy, delicious meals sensitive to the side effects of cancer treatment.

Swaran Dhawan , Counselors Helping (South) Asians/Indians (CHAI, Inc.)
Counselors Helping (South) Asians/Indians (CHAI, Inc.)
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

As a child in the northern mountains of India, Swaran Dhawan’s father often took her and her siblings to visit patients at a local hospital, many of them veterans of conflict suffering severe ‘shell-shock’ – now known as post-traumatic stress disorder. At the time, people with mental illness, even combat veterans, were shunned by families and communities and warehoused in mental hospitals. “My father,” she recalls, “treated them with dignity and respect.”

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