5 Tips for Over-55 Job Seekers

Kerry Hannon

Forbes.com blogger Kerry Hannon zeroes in on five job-searching strategies for older individuals seeking employment, courtesy of Maggie Mistal, career coach and Sirius XM radio host.

"Mistal has heard enough corporate castaway tales from her clientele and radio-call-ins to know that soul searching is the first step to making a successful career transition today, and a job search requires more," writes Hannon, a personal finance journalist who focuses on career transition and retirement issues.

Mistal's top tips are:

  • Broaden your search beyond identified jobs.
  • Approach the interview like you're a highly paid consultant, identifying ways you can provide value.
  • Don't dwell on negatives. Project a positive image.
  • Ask people who know you well to list your best skills and talents so you can accentuate them.
  • Keep active and keep your skills current.

For details, read Hannon's blog post here.