1. What is Encore.org?
  2. What is Civic Ventures?
  3. What are encore careers?
  4. Who might consider an encore career?
  5. How do encore careers benefit society?
  6. What are Encore Fellowships?
  7. What is the Encore College Initiative?
  8. Where can I find the latest information on encore careers?
  9. Where can I find research about encore careers?

What is Encore.org?

Encore.org is a nonprofit organization building a movement to make it easier for millions of people to pursue second acts for the greater good. We call them "encore careers" – jobs that combine personal meaning, continued income and social impact – in the second half of life. More >

What is Civic Ventures?
Encore.org was formally known as Civic Ventures (until 2012). You may see some references to Civic Ventures on the website. The two names refer to the same organization. More >

What are encore careers?
Encore careers provide continued income doing work that is personally fulfilling and helps address some of society’s biggest challenges, including health care and education. In a survey of adults age 44 to 70, half said they wanted encore careers that improve the quality of life in their communities. More >

Who might consider an encore career?
Encore careers suit people with all kinds of work and life experiences. Typically, encore careers attract boomers looking to use expertise built across decades of work to serve the greater good. For example, boomers have left the corporate world for encore careers at nonprofits, schools, government agencies and other places in need of talent. More >

How do encore careers benefit society?
Encore careers focus on the public’s well-being. Research shows that in the next seven years there could be at least 5 million potential job vacancies in the United States, nearly half of them in social sector jobs in education, health care, government and nonprofit organizations. Engaging workers over 55 in encore careers will be vital to meeting workforce shortages and critical social needs. More >

What are Encore Fellowships?
Encore Fellowships represent an innovative way for experienced corporate employees to transition to encore careers. The fellowships – yearlong, paid assignments – make corporate talent available to nonprofits to help the organizations fulfill their missions and serve their communities. More >

What is the Encore College Initiative?
The Encore College Initiative encourages colleges to create and promote educational pathways to encore careers. More >

Where can I find the latest information on encore careers?
Check out our News & Opinions page.

Where can I find research about encore careers?
Find research reports here.


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