LinkedIn Expert Helps Enhance Encore Job Search

Krista Canfield

Wondering how to use the popular job networking website LinkedIn to help you find your next job?

With more than 100 million members globally, LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for job searching today. This free, 40-minute recording takes you step-by-step through how to maximize your LinkedIn profile to build your network – and a bridge to your encore career.

Krista Canfield, LinkedIn's senior public relations manager, talks about the benefits of building professional ties on LinkedIn, shows you how to improve your profile and helps you get the most out of the website. She focuses on jobs in the nonprofit sector on the call, which she held with members of the encore community on May 12.

Before you listen to the call, you’ll need to create a LinkedIn profile. Sign on to your profile to follow Canfield’s tutorial. She walks you through what to click, enter and search to get familiar with the site.

She tells you how to:

  • Find people who have particular job titles – and narrow your search by geographic area
  • Search for employees of particular nonprofits or companies where you’d like to work
  • Browse subject areas that interest you (health care, the environment, education and more)
  • Seek job opportunities

"LinkedIn is a great resource when it comes to finding experts and meeting new people that can help you make that next move in your career," Canfield says.

To listen to the recording, go here. (Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.)

The best way to learn about LinkedIn – and its many benefits and features – is to dig in and get started.