New Opportunities to Explore Encore Careers Online

Do you want an encore career but don’t know what job you want or how to get there? If so, check out four new online courses on exploring jobs, all designed for people 50 and older (although open to students of any age):

  • Exploring Green Jobs
  • Exploring Jobs in Caregiving
  • Exploring Jobs in Community Engagement
  • Exploring Jobs in Education

These courses, which are $50 each and sponsored by Next Chapter Kansas City and Kansas City Kansas Community College, are open to anyone. (You don’t have to live near Kansas City.) The courses are completed online and are designed for people to work at their own pace, and can be completed anytime between July 9 and August 31, 2012.

Each class includes four lessons, a resource center, and a moderated online forum, all designed to provide information and assistance to help participants determine their next steps.

To learn more and enroll online, visit the college’s Career Exploration webpage or call (913) 288-7660. You may also contact Karen Hostetler, director of Next Chapter Kansas City, at karenh@sckck.org or (913) 281-8908.