Please Help Spread the Word About The Purpose Prize Winners

Lorraine Decker

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Last week's announcement of the 2012 Purpose Prize winners has attracted tremendous attention in the media – highlighting people in their encore careers who are changing the lives of low-income families, foster care children, former inmates and many more.

The New York Times’ Michael Winerip describes Purpose Prize winners as individuals who have "created fresh solutions to old problems" and says the Purpose Prize "has become a sort of MacArthur genius award for people" who are changing the world in the second half of life.

Rich Eisenberg of PBS’ Next Avenue writes, “You can have your Oscars, your Kennedy Honors, even your Hasty Puddings. For my money, the most important award of the year is … The Purpose Prize.”

Kerry Hannon of Forbes told readers, “It’s exciting and incredibly energizing for me to see people who work under the radar, people who follow a gut sense of what’s right and just and meaningful in this world, get a brief moment in the klieg lights and a chance to take a humble bow.”

Plus, The Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, AARP and many others have noted the work of the 2012 Purpose Prize winners in the past few days.

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The Purpose Prize winners have done so much for the world. With your help, we can make sure the world learns about them.