In the late 1990s, Encore.org (formerly Civic Ventures) founder and CEO Marc Freedman was struck by the narrow, negative portrayal of America's aging, focused almost entirely on money.

He wondered: Were boomers really going to put such a strain on Social Security, Medicare and other government programs that they would bankrupt the country? In Prime Time: How Baby Boomers Will Revolutionize Retirement and Transform America, Freedman tackles that question.

Prime Time, which The New York Times called an “inspiring, informative, mind-opening book,” expands the picture so that we become more aware of the potential opportunity present in the aging society, and to create new roles for older Americans to make their time, talent and experience available for strengthening communities.

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Harold Allen
After retiring from his career with the city of Philadelphia, Harold Allen began teaching prison inmates skills they would need to find work after being released. In his early 60s he retired for a second time and joined Experience Corps to tutor elementary school children.

Aggie Bennett and Louise Casey
Aggie Bennett and Louise Casey worked together for well over a decade as foster grandparents on the pediatrics ward of Maine Medical Center in Portland. Virtually every day, they worked one-on-one with children in dire shape.

Dorothea Glass
Dorothea Glass, a twice-retired physician, joined the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic to provide free care to working-poor patients in Stuart, Fla.

Steve Weiner
Steve Weiner retired early from a distinguished career as a college administrator and policy expert. He joined the boards of the Alameda County Community Food Bank and the East Bay Conservation Corps (now Civicorps Schools) in California and became a higher education consultant.

Marv Welt
During retirement, Marv Welt turned his lifetime passion for fishing into an environmental education program operating in nine low-income Portland, Ore., public schools.