Where Do You Go for Education and Job Training in the Second Half of Life?

Marc Freedman

I’ve often said that we need a new kind of education suited to the new, encore stage of life. And I’m pleased to report that higher education is beginning to move to meet the needs of tens of millions of boomers who want to prepare for encore careers.

More community colleges are offering career training for people over 50. Alumni associations – at Northwestern, the Big Ten, and others – are beginning to offer encore career workshops at reunions. And four-year colleges and graduate schools – from Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative to the Bainbridge Graduate Institute – are offering new programming geared to people who want second acts for the greater good.

This fall, another new program will open its doors. This one – Empowered UCLA Extension – offers 10 online certificate programs, all delivered through the iPad.

The Wall Street Journal recently called this program a “high-tech effort to bring career training to baby boomers looking to upgrade their skills” and said it targets “areas – such as patient advocacy, health-care management and new media marketing – that are expected to generate job growth.”

We applaud this important innovation – and all those who are working to bring high-quality job training to people in the second half of life. After all, if we’re going to live and work longer, why get all our education in the first quarter of life?

For more information on the Empowered UCLA Extension program, go to www.empowered.com. For more information on scholarship opportunities and applying for scholarship assistance, go to www.empowered.com/scholarships.