Here is a comprehensive list of the more than 430 Purpose Prize winners and fellows. Narrow the list by selecting choices in the box below and clicking "Apply." You may also click on the column headings to sort by category.

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First Name Last Namesort icon Issues Prize Status State Sponsor
William Abrashkin Children & Youth, Civic Engagement, Democracy and Voting, Community Improvement & Organizing, Education & Training, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity, Housing & Shelter, Poverty, At-Risk Populations, Women Rights & Service Fellow 2014 Purpose Prize Massachusetts - MA
Sharon Adams Community Improvement & Organizing, Economic Development, Opportunity, Food, Nutrition & Agriculture Fellow 2011 Purpose Prize Wisconsin - WI
Marcy Adelman Advocacy, Social Action, Policy, Aging & Older Adult Services, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Rights & Services Winner 2009 Purpose Prize California - CA
Bhagwati (B.P.) Agrawal Environment & Sustainability, International & Foreign Affairs Fellow 2009 Purpose Prize Virginia - VA
Bhagwati Agrawal International & Foreign Affairs, Poverty, At-Risk Populations, Rural Issues Winner Winner 2012 Purpose Prize Virginia - VA
Akbar Ahmed Ethnic & Cultural Diversity, International & Foreign Affairs 2006 Winner Purpose Prize Maryland - MD
Elizabeth and Stephen Alderman International & Foreign Affairs, Psychology & Mental Health Winner 2009 Purpose Prize New York - NY
Barbara Allen Arts, Culture, Humanities Fellow 2009 Purpose Prize Pennsylvania - PA
Arthur Ammann Children & Youth, Health Care, International & Foreign Affairs, Women Rights & Service Fellow 2010 Purpose Prize California - CA
Arthur J. Ammann Health Care, Medical Research, Women Rights & Service Fellow 2011 Purpose Prize California - CA
Ray Anderson Environment & Sustainability 2007 Winner Purpose Prize Georgia - GA
Rebecca Anderson Arts, Culture, Humanities, Economic Development, Opportunity 2007 Fellow Purpose Prize North Carolina - NC
Susan M. Anderson Arts, Culture, Humanities, Children & Youth, Peace, War, and Conflict Resolution, Psychology & Mental Health Fellow 2011 Purpose Prize Georgia - GA
Allen Andersson Community Improvement & Organizing, Education & Training Fellow 2008 Purpose Prize District of Columbia - DC
Bob A. Archuleta Children & Youth, Family and Parenting, Health Care Fellow 2010 Purpose Prize Virginia - VA
Nancy Armitage Aging & Older Adult Services, Arts, Culture, Humanities, Health Care Fellow 2013 Purpose Prize Wisconsin - WI
Carole Artigiani Children & Youth 2007 Fellow Purpose Prize New York - NY
Kenneth Bacon International & Foreign Affairs Fellow 2009 Purpose Prize
Gloria Bacon Children & Youth, Community Improvement & Organizing, Education & Training 2007 Winner Purpose Prize Louisiana - LA
Dennis Bakke Arts, Culture, Humanities, Children & Youth, Education & Training 2007 Fellow Purpose Prize Virginia - VA