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Outcome Tracking: Practical Tips

In this resource brief, community colleges in Civic Ventures’ Encore College Initiative share tips for tracking student outcomes in programs for people 50 and older seeking encore careers in education, healthcare, social services and the emerging green economy.

Colleges Look to Boomer Population for Students

To advance President Obama’s goal for the United States to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020, colleges are increasingly seeing boomers as a growing source of students.

Free Webinar: Mature Workers – Why Hiring Them is Good for Business and Society

Macomb Community College’s Workforce & Continuing Education’s Center for Health Careers invites you to tune into an informa

Start: 05/11/2011
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Sustaining and Expanding Your Encore Program

Encore College Initiative grantees are developing programs that create educational pathways to encore careers for people 50 and older. Effective planning has been essential to efforts to sustain and, in some cases, expand these programs. Below are seven tips for community college administrators.

  1. Start with the end in mind.

This audio seminar, created through the Encore College Initiative, provides tips to help college administrators sustain and expand programs that train plus-50 adults for encore careers in education, health care, human services and the environment.

This audio seminar, created through the Encore College Initiative, provides tips on marketing community college encore programs to potential students. Rebecca Waters, former manager of the Virginia Community College System's EducateVA Career Switcher Program, discusses ways to network with employers and community organizations to help attract students, ideas for low-cost and free advertising, and tips on creating a good website.

This audio seminar, created through the Encore College Initiative, provides tips to help community college administrators adapt programs to the unique needs of 50-plus students interested in encore careers. In this seminar, two community college administrators share their experiences creating programs that successfully train encore learners and place them in jobs.

To see a tip sheet on program adaptations for plus 50 encore learners, click here.

Tips for Program Planners: Marketing Encore Programs

Effective, targeted marketing has been essential to successful recruitment and enrollment into encore programs for students over 50. Below are six tips for community college administrators on how to use marketing to attract encore students.

Tips for Program Planners: Program Adaptations for Plus-50 Encore Learners

Workers 50 and older interested in encore careers that combine personal meaning, social impact and continued income are increasingly looking to community colleges to develop new skills or build on existing ones. Many aim to transition to such fields as education, health care, social services or the green economy.

Past recipients of Encore College Initiative grants have created many educational pathways to encore careers with the understanding that boomers typically learn differently from younger students and have unique needs.

Program Adaptations for Plus 50 Encore Learners- Resource List

Wanting to change career paths or because of the economy, adult learners 50 and older are heading back to school. Many are looking for encore careers combining continued income with personal fulfillment and social impact to meet important community needs. Increasingly, these individuals are approaching community colleges for help transitioning to such fields as education, health care, social services and emerging green jobs.

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