Judith Broder , The Soldiers Project
The Soldiers Project
Purpose Prize Winner 2009

As Judith Broder watched a play documenting the mental anguish some veterans experience after coming come from war, something clicked. As a psychiatrist, she knew that without help some soldiers would never get past what they had seen and done. She also understood that a veteran's distress can painfully affect loved ones. Taking action, Broder created an organization that supports free, confidential, unlimited therapy to service members and their families.

Meet Judith Broder

In a dark theater, Judith Broder experienced the darkest of emotions.

Richard Joyner , Conetoe Family Life Center
Conetoe Family Life Center
Purpose Prize Winner 2014

In 2005, the Rev. Richard Joyner had a realization. He had presided over too many funerals at a church of just 300 members. In one year alone, 30 congregants under the age of 32 years had died.

“We had at least 20 funerals per year, and a lot of the deaths were health-related — poor diets, no exercise,” says Joyner, now 62, pastor of the Conetoe Baptist Church in rural North Carolina. “It just started to feel unconscionable that you would see someone 100 pounds overweight on Sunday and not say anything about it. Then they’d die of a heart attack.”

Pamela  Cantor, M.D. , Turnaround for Children, Inc.
Founder, President and CEO
Turnaround for Children, Inc.
Purpose Prize Winner 2014

A few weeks after September 11, 2001, Pamela Cantor, then 53, received a call from the New York City Board of Education asking her to lead a team to assess the emotional impact of the attacks on the city’s public school children. As a child psychiatrist specializing in trauma for nearly two decades, she welcomed the opportunity.

Kate Williams , LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Employment Immersion Program Manager
LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Purpose Prize Winner 2014

Kate Williams spent decades as a human resources professional for top pharmaceutical and technology companies in California—and as a sighted person. But in 1989, at age 47, she began to lose her vision, due to the rare degenerative disorder Pseudoxanthoma elasticum.

David N. Campbell , All Hands Volunteers, Inc.
Founder and Chairman
All Hands Volunteers, Inc.
Purpose Prize Winner 2014

Technology executive David Campbell never imagined that a casual lunch with a friend in Boston in December 2004 would change the course of his life. Their conversation turned to the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami that had ravaged Southeast Asia two days earlier. It was a personal shock to his friend who had eaten lunch at a Meridien Hotel in Phuket, Thailand, just ten days before. The hotel had been damaged and several guests killed.

Charles Irvin Fletcher , SpiritHorse International
Founder and CEO
SpiritHorse International
Purpose Prize Winner 2014

Two tumultuous decades in the telecommunications industry took a toll on Charles Fletcher’s income and his spirit. When he retired in the 1990s at the age of 58, he found some peace of mind through volunteering at a Dallas-area equine therapy center for children with disabilities. The special connection he witnessed between the children and horses was both restorative and intimately familiar, as he had been around horses since he was five. But Fletcher thought the program was falling short. It could do more than offer feel-good pony rides. It had the potential to heal.

Barbara Young , National Domestic Workers Alliance
National Organizer
National Domestic Workers Alliance
Purpose Prize Winner 2013

In 2001, when Barbara Young signed up for a nanny training class in New York City, she didn’t realize how it would set her on the path for her encore career. She simply thought taking a certificate program could help her acquire extra skills, like CPR. She took pride in her work looking after a six-week-old baby round the clock, and was thirsty for knowledge. “I figured it would be really good for me,” Young says.

Carol Fennelly , Hope House
Founder and Executive Director
Hope House
Purpose Prize Winner 2013

In 1998, Carol Fennelly was retired from her first career as an advocate for the homeless. She was writing articles on social issues for Sojourners magazine and providing political commentary for a public radio station in Washington, D.C. She’d bought a beach house in Delaware, and had no plans to leave her newfound paradise.

Ed Nicholson , Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.
Founder and President
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.
Purpose Prize Winner 2013

Every Wednesday afternoon since 2005, through the muggy Washington summers, wounded soldiers cast fly fishing lines over the green grass in front of the Walter Reed National Medical Center. Trying to catch lawn trout may seem quixotic, but practicing the rhythmic casting motion is a therapeutic variation on military drills.

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