Purpose Prize

Johanna Crawford , Web of Benefit, Inc.
Founder and Executive Director
Web of Benefit, Inc.
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

Johanna Crawford was 13, living in an alcoholic, abusive household, when she watched her father try to kill her mother. The memory never left her, even years later as an adult who had built a string of successful businesses and sold high-end real estate.

John Corcoran , John Corcoran Foundation
John Corcoran Foundation
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

In the early 1990s, John Corcoran’s 4-year-old granddaughter began asking him to read books with her. But he couldn’t read. He was one of the 93 million Americans whose reading skills are below the basic level. In his 17 years teaching high school, he had fooled everyone. But he couldn’t fool her.

Jill Ker Conway , Community Solutions
Community Solutions
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

Born in the Australian outback, Jill Ker Conway ventured to the United States for an illustrious academic career capped by her appointment as Smith College’s first woman president. But she wasn’t done yet. In 2011, at age 76, she embarked on an encore career as a social entrepreneur. With co-founder Rosanne Haggerty, she launched Community Solutions, an innovative, evidence-based program to find homes for the nation’s most vulnerable homeless people.

Glenys Carl , Coming Home Connection
Executive Director
Coming Home Connection
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

When a severe head injury paralyzed Glenys Carl’s son Scott while he was visiting Australia in the late 1980s, she became his devoted caretaker. Unlike many in her situation, she had help—hundreds of volunteers who responded to fliers she had posted all over Sydney asking for help. When they moved to London, she posted flyers again, and volunteers streamed in. In three years in two countries, she had trained hundreds of people in how to assist with Scott’s daily needs and physical rehabilitation.

William J. Burwinkel ,  Adopt A Class Foundation
Founder and Executive Director
Adopt A Class Foundation
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

Successful entrepreneur William J. Burwinkel started a company in his basement that grew into National Marketshare Group, a major consumer sales and marketing company based in Cincinnati. But that wasn’t enough. In 2003, he decided it was time to give something back. He and his employees began a tutoring program at a local public school.

Ten years later, that small program is now the Adopt A Class Foundation, with programs at 28 of Greater Cincinnati’s neediest public and parochial schools. Over 300 business and community group mentors have worked with 7,500 children.

Mary Lou Breslin , Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
Co-Founder and Senior Policy Advisor
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

The co-founder of Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), Mary Lou Breslin has been a disability civil rights law and policy advocate for more than 35 years. Disabled herself, she played a key role in the creation of groundbreaking legislation – including the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, which enshrined broad civil rights for 54 million people in the U.S. with disabilities.

Fredrick J.  Bramante , National Center for Competency-Based Learning
Founder and President
National Center for Competency-Based Learning
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

A quarter of American high school students drop out before graduation. What if the problem isn’t teachers or schools, but how we measure learning itself—as “seat time” spent in a class?

Fred Bramante thinks it is. “School taught me that I wasn’t very bright,” Bramante says. “Life taught me that school was wrong.”

Despite his academic struggles, in 1972 Bramante opened the first Daddy’s Junky Music in New Hampshire, which grew from a hole-in-the-wall shop opened with his $600 life savings into a $35,000,000 music retail business. He also spent six years a science teacher.

Claire Bloom , End 68 Hours of Hunger
Founder and Executive Director
End 68 Hours of Hunger
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

In 2011, Claire Bloom learned from a school teacher in her Dover, NH, community that many local children enrolled in the free school lunch program endure 68 hours of hunger every weekend between Friday lunch and Monday breakfast.

Timothy W. Bilodeau , Medicines for Humanity
Founder and Executive Director
Medicines for Humanity
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

As a volunteer working to improve medical conditions in Ecuador, Timothy Bilodeau stood by a mother whose 3-year-old child had just died for lack of 25 cents worth of medicine. The impoverished woman, in agony, had been forced to choose between buying food or medicine for her child, and had chosen food. “No parent should have to make that choice,” says Bilodeau, 63. Yet, an estimated 7 million children under 5 years old – 20,000 a day – die worldwide from causes that can be treated or prevented.

Michael Berkeley , Mexico Medical Missions
Mexico Medical Missions
Purpose Prize Fellow 2013

For decades, Michael Berkeley had a fulfilling career as an orthopedic surgeon for celebrities in Aspen, CO. By the late 1980s, he wanted a higher purpose. “I didn’t want my tombstone to say, ‘He fixed a lot of knees,’” he says.

He found an encore career in Chihuahua, Mexico, where through the 1990s he volunteered at a Christian hospital treating Tarahumara Indians, who suffer one of the worst maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Half of all children die before age 5.

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