Rachel Carson Contest Winners

Dear Green Encores members,

I ran across this link the other day and wanted to pass it along. The Environmental Protection Agency has an Aging Initiative, which, along with Generations United and the Rachel Carson Council, held the 2008 Rachel Carson "A Sense of Wonder" Intergenerational Essay, Photography, and Poetry Contest.

The site explains that "the contest was designed to increase environmental stewardship and public awareness of environmental issues... The contest's intergenerational approach reflects Carson's efforts through her writings to have adults share with children a sense of wonder about nature and help them discover its joys. All teams included both a person under age 18 and a person 50 years of age or older."

Although this contest doesn't look at pathways to working in an encore career, it does highlight the importance of intergenerational collaboration in the protection of the environment. And these collaborations from the Rachel Carson contest may have created lasting memories that encourage the children to go into environmental protection work as well.

This post doesn't list methods to find a green encore career, but I hope this serves as inspiration to continuously share your knowledge and caring about the environment to all generations in what you do. I hope that in the future, the EPA will create awards for intergenerational workforce collaboration for the betterment of the environment.