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Is Encore the New Women's Movement

Last week I spent an exhilarating evening exploring the Encore message with Marci Alboher and close to 200 people who had come to the New York Public Library to find out more about her book The Encore Career Handbook. In our presentation, Marci covered the nuts and bolts of how to envision and find work that matters to you in the second half of life, and I tried to connect the Encore Movement with the Women’s Movement – in which I have spent both halves of my working life.

Janice Fuhrman , Senior Self-Help Clinic
Senior Self-Help Clinic

Editor's note: This is Janice Fuhrman's story in her own words.

When I entered law school in 1979, I found law fascinating and felt I had some aptitude for it. But I was also experienced in and excited about journalism.

After graduating from Hastings College of the Law and passing the California bar exam, I decided to return to writing. I missed being close to the news, to new worlds unfolding each day.

Diane Accurso , Beaumont Health System
Registered Nurse
Beaumont Health System

Editor's note: This is Diane Accurso's story in her own words.

I spent my first career as a project manager, primarily in the IT world. I worked for General Motors and periodically they would open a retirement window for eligible employees. Essentially, if you met the criteria you were generally able to retire from the company and begin receiving a pension. For me, that made the time right to try something different after 32 years at GM.

Elaine Chavez , New Jerusalem Elementary School District
New Jerusalem Elementary School District

Editor's note: This is Elaine Chavez's story in her own words.

I'd like to share how I have weathered the storm of a change in my career, and the downturn of the economy.

I had surgery on my foot 2011 – a full reconstruction of my arch and replacement of tendons. At the time, I was a pre-K teacher at a private school. But after my surgery I was laid off, basically because I could not stand on my foot too long and perform my regular duties. I continued my education, completing my bachelor’s degree in education in December 2012.

Susan Burgess-Lent , Women’s Centers International
Executive Director
Women’s Centers International

Editor's note: This is Susan Burgess-Lent's story in her own words.

I worked for over 20 years in T.V. news. At the beginning of that career, I was thrilled to be involved in what I considered a public service. When the media became awash in trivia, I felt it necessary to turn to work that actually was service. I am so lucky to have been born, by dint of fate, in a place of extraordinary resources. This is the understanding that fuels my drive to "give back."

Carol King , Next Step: Engaged Retirement & Encore Careers
Next Step: Engaged Retirement & Encore Careers

Editor's note: This is Carol King's story in her own words.

Running a program on lifestyle planning in retirement was definitely not my background. But here I am, in charge of Next Step: Engaged Retirement & Encore Careers at the Princeton Senior Resource Center in New Jersey.

Gerard Baltrusaitis , Michigan Works! Ferndale Career Center
Career Development Specialist
Michigan Works! Ferndale Career Center

Editor's note: This is Gerard Baltrusaitis' story in his own words.

Seven years ago I was laid off as an organizational development coordinator for a beauty supply distributor, where I was responsible for the orientation of new employees and professional development programs. I had to reinvent myself in a difficult market.

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