Momentum Is Building – and You're Part of it

By Sara Ying Rounsaville

In the past few days, people in encore careers have been making big news. Second acts for the greater good are gaining momentum and continuing to garner serious national media attention. There’s the patient advocate in The New York Times, the children’s chorus founder in a new Wall Street Journal series, the food bank worker in a Reuters column. Coming up are features on the PBS NewsHour and BBC World Service.

Nominate for the $100,000 Purpose Prize Before the April 4 Deadline!

Purpose Prize winners prove that energy and determination have little to do with age. In their encore careers, these individuals make society better – driven by passion, backed by experience.

Encore Careers: A Solution to Hard Times?

As I tour the country, introducing people to The Encore Career Handbook, folks everywhere are telling me they’re worried about the still-sputtering economy. If you’re in the job market, finding work can seem daunting, and a little scary.

A New Vision for Midlife and Beyond

You’ve most likely encountered Prudential's Day One stories campaign, telling us we need to prepare for a seemingly endless retirement. On billboards and bus posters, in radio and television ads, Prudential says we’ll be retired for 6,000 days – or many more – after working for 12,000. The financial services company’s campaign amounts to scenario planning through the rear view mirror – bolting the new longevity (longer, healthier lives) to the old retirement lifestyle. This retrograde vision is neither sustainable, nor attainable – and it isn't desirable.

Wondering About Your Next Chapter? Check Out Next Avenue From PBS

We at Encore.org often encourage you to ask yourself: What’s next? Many of you have told us you’re looking for ways to apply your years of experience toward helping others – while continuing to earn a living. Our partner Next Avenue, a PBS system website for people 50 and older, is a great resource to help you shape your second act.

The $100,000 Purpose Prize – 2013 Nominations Open Now

The Purpose Prize honors individuals making a monument out of what many consider the leftover years, not only finding personal meaning but doing creative and entrepreneurial work aimed at solving fundamental problems facing the nation and the world today.

All in their 60s and beyond, these pioneers have built upon the experiences that have shaped their lives to improve others’ lives.

What Needs to Happen So More People Can Do Good for Others While Earning a Living?

By Richard Eisenberg

Is it really possible for somebody in their 50s or 60s to embark on an “encore career,” one that lets you earn income and make a social impact? Or do you need to be wealthy to be able to do it, since the new work would typically be at a nonprofit?

Those questions kept bubbling up at Encore 2013, the awe-inspiring conference I just attended in San Francisco, hosted by Encore.org, the nonprofit organization dedicated to second acts for the greater good.

An Encore in Teach For America? Absolutely!

I've long felt that the encore movement needed its own Teach For America, a social innovation so powerful that it not only helped a significant number of individuals transition into work with real social impact – but changed the culture in the process.

Tap LinkedIn to Find Your Encore Career – Free Teleconference

As Encore Career Handbook author Marci Alboher has been touring the country, people have been asking her lots of questions about one resource she recommends enthusiastically in her book: LinkedIn. With more than 187 million members, LinkedIn operates the world's largest professional network. It could be the key to finding your encore career, work that makes a difference in the lives of others.

For Many, a Sense of Purpose Makes Job Stress Worthwhile

A recent study with a catchy headline about the most stressful jobs of 2013 found its way to the soft hour of news last week.

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