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$5,000 for Five People With Ideas for Change

Civic Ventures announced Launch Pad today, an online contest to find five people with great ideas for transforming their community.

Check it out.

The rules are simple: Anyone 45 and over can enter. All people have to do is submit their idea online for improving their community by December 20. Civic Ventures will narrow down the list of submissions to 25 semifinalists, then the public will be able to vote for five winners starting in January.

Wellness Coaches Use Experience to Advantage

As people age and continue to live active lives, their interest in living well becomes more important than living longer. After all, no one is too excited about longevity if all that it means is a couple of extra decades of decline. Meanwhile, as employers try to keep a lid on health care costs, they look to ways to support employees in remaining healthy and to help those who have chronic disease improve their well-being.

In a piece posted July 21, 2010, on her Careers Search blog, Lin Schreiber recommends "Eight Key Sites to Inspire Your Encore Career," and Encore.org is at the top of the list.

A couple of AARP sites, BizStarters.com and Experience Corps are among the others on her list.

Click here to read the entire list.

Bridgestar's Bridging to the Nonprofit Sector portal contains a trove of information for people considering making the switch from for-profit work to nonprofit organizations.

Best-Selling Authors Talk About Encore Careers

How do you reinvent yourself in retirement? How do you handle the finances? What extra obstacles do women face? Are younger workers in competition with older workers? Those are some of the topics that three best-selling authors discuss during a June 17 webcast sponsored by Merrill Lynch called "Reinventing Retirement: Second Acts."

Jobs are tight now, but a labor economist says there will be more jobs than people in coming years.

Read the report and get a preview of emerging jobs in the coming years in education, health care and the green economy.

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While many sectors of the economy are shrinking, health care is growing. And the industry is expected to expand dramatically during the next 20 years as boomers age and increase demand.

The health care industry is on track to open 3 million new jobs in the period from 2006 to 2016 – a 22-percent increase.

Bottom line: It’s a good time to explore a health care career.

“You have a lot to think about, because there are so many types of health care jobs,” says Debra Stock, vice president of member relations at the American Hospital Association.

They are part of a new way of looking at retirement

At age 55, Steve Weiner began to think about retiring from a satisfying 30-year career in higher education. He had gotten his Ph.D. in management and education from Stanford, was a professor there and at Berkeley, provost at Mills College, and the top dog at the organization that accredits California's colleges and universities. Perhaps, he thought, life in academe had run its course.

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