Teach-Now.org, the website of the National Center for Alternative Certification, is a clearinghouse of information about paths to a teaching credential. Provides listings of: teacher recruitment programs, details about teacher credentials or certification programs, and useful links for teachers.

By Glenn Ruffenach and Kelly Greene. Three Rivers Press, 2007
The new The Wall Street Journal. Complete Retirement Guidebook: How to Plan It, Live It and Enjoy It assesses the pros and cons in a chapter called “To Work or Not to Work,” (and also includes sections on balancing engagement and freedom and volunteering).
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Available online at www.randomhouse.com

Consumer Reports has summarized Seven Smart Reasons not to retire early.

By Jill Casner-Lotto. The Conference Board, 2007
A report from The Conference Board, Boomers are Ready for Nonprofits, but are Nonprofits Ready for Boomers? found that nonprofits lag behind the government and private sectors in retaining skilled potential retirees within their organizations and actively recruiting older hires from other sectors.

Bridgestar's Transition to the Nonprofit Sector portal contains a trove of information for people considering making the switch from for-profit work to nonprofit organizations.

Located within colleges and universities throughout the country, Small Business Development Centers (part of SBA) provide management assistance to current and prospective small business owners.

By Marc Freedman. PublicAffairs, 2008 (paperback)

A growing number of boomers are choosing encore careers with the Peace Corps. The 50+ Volunteers section of its Web site answers frequently asked questions and includes an online application.

For more information, check out the Encore.org blog post about the Peace Corps.

United States Government

In partnership with Bridgespan, IBM offers a program and online platform that helps IBM employees and retirees assess their readiness for nonprofit positions, identify potential opportunities and skills required, apply for jobs with nonprofits and receive mentoring. Once it’s perfected, the pilot project will be made available to other nonprofits and corporations that wish to start similar endeavors.

The Partnership for Public Service’s FedExperience is an initiative to enhance government’s recruitment of experienced workers and enlist potential partners to fuel interest in federal service. IBM signed on for the pilot program.

Partnership for Public Service
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