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2008 Purpose Prize Fellow

Helping needy families with merchandise and legislative action.

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My Encore Story

Search for the name "Beatty Brasch" in the online edition of the local newspaper and you'll find 2 pages of entries documenting a life spent as both public servant and community activist. Beatty is well-known as an advocate for the low-income and has spent decades working on their behalf. Her single-minded mission is to address the most complex issues facing the disadvantaged in her community, providing opportunities for families, lifting them out of poverty, and leading them on a path to economic self-sufficiency.

After serving as Executive Director of a local community action agency for 13 years, Beatty left the position when she was in her early 60's, but she had no intention of retiring. Instead, in 2003 she founded and became Executive Director of The Center for People in Need (CFPN). CFPN is a non-profit organization whose mission is to remove barriers confronting low-income families and increase the capacity of human services agencies to provide these families with additional support.

This mission is carried out through a variety of innovative programs, unique both to Nebraska and the nation. "Truckloads of Help" is the cornerstone program of the agency providing countless resources to over 225 non-profit agencies in Nebraska and the thousands of low-income clients they serve. T

hrough Gifts-in Kind, a clearinghouse for national companies donating products to charities, Truckloads of Help purchases merchandise, pays for transportation, and warehouses the goods so other agencies can "shop" for their clients at no charge. These brand new items are then distributed through the participating agencies to the most underprivileged families in Nebraska. Families receive personal care items, household supplies, winter clothing, school supplies, etc. CFPN provides for emergency and basic needs through a Neighborhood Food program.

Recognizing that transportation is an obstacle confronting many low-income families, Beatty developed a distribution program that takes the food directly to low-income neighborhoods. In other words, if the family can't come to the food, Beatty will take the food to the family!

Beatty's innovation doesn't stop there. CFPN actively advocates for systemic change through the state legislature, provides job training for welfare-to-work clients, and facilitates statewide collaborations with other agencies and organizations all working to improve the lives of the most underserved in our community. These programs combine to encompass a cohesive network of services for low-income families. Providing food for a hungry family, making sure a child has a toy during the holidays, improving a bread winner's job skills, lobbying a state senator…all in a day's work for Beatty and the Center for People in Need!

An employee working for Beatty once observed that she "thinks outside the box." Another employee mused that she doesn't even know there is a box. The leadership Beatty has provided as an advocate for the underserved is unparalleled. Her efforts have been acknowledged through numerous awards received from human rights, community service, and minority organizations. Now in her late 60's and with her legacy well-documented, she continues her work to improve the lives of others.

My Work History

Directed a Community Action Agency in Lincoln Ne for 15 years and then retired.  Shortly after that i started up a new non-profit agency The Center for People in Need.   We work with agencies acrioss the state to supply basic needs for families.  We also have a strong advocacy program that provides information and requests people send action alerts to policy makers.  There are 20,000 people who recieve this information through the email.

Prior to my poverty work i was the Lancaster County Elecion Commissioner.


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