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I support the encore idea
I plan to have an encore career

My Encore Story

I have been kissed by Groucho, fallen in love with Ringo, been awed by Sputnik, walked with JFK, faced down the Hells Angels, and survived life before the Internet.  I'm proud to be over 60!

As a class of '46 Baby Boomer, I have been blazing trails since I was a kid, often without realizing it. I've been involved in many "early Booomer" whispered conversations that begat noisy "late Boomer" revolutions. When I was entering college, it seemd unfathomable that there would be a meaningful place in the workforce for women, or that mothers could continue to work, or that technology would change the face of relationshsips and dating...or that we'd become so wired that we'd be juggling 24-7 lives, no matter what our professions. Regardless of the social challenge, its always been a handful of Boomers who have stumbled across new paths or purposfully broken existing barriers. And, it's is the same with Encore careers. We Boomers are at the cutting edge of another new change adventure. Only this time, we have Marc Freedman to light the way. Thank-you Marc! I am beginning the transition into my own Encore Adventure and invite others to join me. Whether you are a trailblazer, or need a helping had to get started, limitless possibilities await. Our parents generation retired...and grew tired. We're going to repurpose, give back...and thrive!

My Work History

Penny Peters is a communications consultant and "corporate fixer" with more than thirty years experience counseling Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and foreign governments.

A leading communications strategist, Ms. Peters has counseled diverse clients in areas ranging from expertise marketing and brand development to corporate positioning and crisis management. In addition to her current work as a creative and strategy consultant, she coaches senior executives and is a partner in a boutique public relations agency that specializes in thought leadership campaigns.  Previously, she spent seventeen years at a leading international PR agency, Hill and Knowlton, where she served as US Creative Director, and lived briefly in Japan setting up a joint-venture with a Japanese trading company. Prior to joining Hill and Knowlton, she worked in the arts and entertainment industry, where she managed several major popular music festivals and worked for a leading off-Broadway theater. She also taught acting and directing. Ms. Peters currently serves on the board of the Theater Development Fund [TDF], the leading non-for-profit organization that supports Broadway and Off-Broadway theater and dance. She is also a member of several corporate advisory boards and an advisor to the Boston University School of the Arts.

Ms Peters holds a BS degree from Skidmore College and an MFA in theater from Boston University School of the Arts.


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