Start here to get the answers to common questions about exploring, preparing for and finding an encore career.

How do I figure out the encore career that’s right for me?
Once you’ve decided that you want an encore career, the Work section of will walk you through the process of determining what type of work you want to do and how to go about finding an encore career. The Work section invites you to Explore your encore career possibilities, Prepare for your encore career transition, then Find an encore career.

The Get Started Guide answers 12 frequently asked questions about finding an encore career, and the Top 5 Encore Career Job Fields section offers guidance on finding opportunities in education, health care, the environment, government and the nonprofit sector.

How can I determine how much money I’ll need for my encore career?
Figuring out your finances is an important part of encore career planning. Be sure to read the advice on this topic offered in the Get Started Guide and in Manisha Thakor’s article, “How Much Money Do You Need for Your Encore Career?”

How do I transition from a corporate job to a nonprofit one?
Moving from the corporate world to the nonprofit sector can be challenging. It pays to learn about the types of nonprofits where you want to work by talking with those in the field and volunteering at those that intrigue you. For more tips on sector switching, read the Get Started Guide and read advice from nonprofit career counselors.

Should I list all my experience on my resume?
You’ll want to tailor your resume to emphasize the types of skills that the hiring organization needs rather than submitting a laundry list of all your previous jobs. Read “How to Tune Up Your Resume for Nonprofit Opportunities” for more advice.

What do I need to know to be successful during an interview?
In the current competitive job market, you need to be prepared for tough questions that try to find out your age, your salary expectations and your familiarity with technology. Read “Ace That Interview: How to Land a Job After Age 50” and other articles in the Advice section to get ready.

How do I apply to become an Encore Fellow?
Encore Fellowships enable experienced employees to transition from midlife careers to encore careers through temporary placements with nonprofits. You can learn all about this innovative program in the Encore Fellowships section.

What local organizations can help me find an encore career?
Dozens of pioneers are creating encore programs at the state and local level. They range from intimate groups of a few individuals to large organizations serving thousands of people in several locations. Find out more in the Local Organizations section.

What are the five top encore career fields?
A recent survey found that millions of boomers want encore careers in education, health care, the environment and government – areas where people can put their experience to work helping communities. Research predicts coming labor shortages in these areas and the nonprofit sector in general, and identifies new jobs being created in these fields. For more information, see the Top 5 Encore Career Job Fields section.

How can I find a job during the current recession?
You need to focus your job search and have a specific strategy to find an encore career during the current competitive environment. Read “Finding a Nonprofit Career During Tough Times” to learn more.

How do I go about starting my own nonprofit?
If you have the skills and tenacity to start your own venture, you’ll need to plan carefully and find the right support in order to succeed. Learn more about what’s involved in “What Are the Options for Striking Out on My Own?”

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